Time, individuals, tradition, society, and the atmosphere we’re surrounded by, can produce the formation of many views relating to a problem that we see in at present’s society. One among many controversial subjects is Islam and the Hijab. Many questions and generalisations are sometimes shaped within the minds of many non-Muslims regarding the ideas behind the Hijab by the affect of the media.

All through the years of battle between the “West” and “Islam”, the media has strongly altered the minds of non-Muslims by unfavorable exploitation of Islam, and Muslims, particularly on Muslim girls. Misconceptions similar to, “Are you bald beneath” “Do you fall asleep with that on?” to the affiliation of “terrorism” that contrasts to what Muslim girls imagine the Hijab represents. Read more about Urdu Nawees.

A standard false impression is “the Islamic Hijab is one thing cultural, not spiritual”. Using the phrase “cultural” is defective when describing the Hijab because it implies that it’s a results of customs and practices which can be one thing separate from Islam. The cultural costume is referred to the traditional Pre-Islamic Period (Jahiliyah). It’s the veil from the Pre-Islamic Period that’s thought of as “conventional” which stops girls from contributing in society. Quite the opposite, the Islamic Hijab just isn’t thought of as an off-the-cuff custom, nor does it decrease her self-respect. The Hijab is aimed toward presenting girls with poise and equality in society. An instance of Pre-Islamic period in our trendy world is the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban are a celebration who regard such actions un-Islamic for ladies, who’re prohibited from exercising their major rights. The Taliban have banned girls from employment exterior the house, aside from the well being sector, and have terminated training for women.

Prophet Mohammad (peace & blessings be upon him) stated, “Searching for information is incumbent upon each Muslim”. Even Henry VIII forbid girls to check the Bible when the primary English translations started to appear. It is an irony though the Taliban declare their guiding philosophy on girls are in place to make sure the bodily safety and self-respect of ladies, the place as, many Afghan girls have been killed, overwhelmed and publicly hung. For a lot of Afghan girls worry of being severely punished by the Taliban is their primary safety concern.

One other false impression is “Muslim girls haven’t any proper in Islam”. Islam gave girls rights over 1400 years in the past, which remains to be ignored by many Muslims and non-Muslims at present. Firstly, Islam has given girls the fundamental proper to freedom of speech. Within the early days of Islam, the leaders of the Islamic state relating to authorized points consulted girls. Rights that had been appointed to Muslim girls for the reason that starting of time are solely simply surfacing for non-Muslims. In Islam, a lady is free to be whom she is inside, and shielded from being portrayed as a intercourse image and lusted after. Islam praises the standing of a lady by commanding that she “enjoys equal rights to these of man in all the things, she stands on an equal footing with man” (Qur’an, Nadvi: 11) and each share mutual rights and obligations in all points of life.

Many ladies are handled in methods removed from Islamic beliefs, but within the identify of Islam. The Taliban is an instance of a cultural and political identify that has been branded with Islam. There isn’t a freedom for ladies if they’re imprisoned of their house within the identify of the Hijab and Islam. Furthermore, the veil of Islam just isn’t related to the veil of oppression.

Girls which can be regaining their identification and function in society, at the moment are sporting the Hijab and are embracing its idea of liberation. They’re taking their lawful locations that Islam had awarded them fourteen hundred years in the past. In actual fact, the western girls had no rights nor did they’ve rights over their husband. Not solely had been lady the property of their husband however so had been their possessions. In 1919 girls in England fought for his or her rights to be elected to parliament. Due to their calls for, they had been imprisoned by the federal government and suffered tremendously. It was not till the late nineteenth and early twentieth century when girls got these rights.

A quote from the Qur’an in Surah 2: 26 states:
“And for ladies has rights over males, just like these of males over girls.”

The background historical past between Islam and the West will shed some mild as to why Muslims are portrayed so negatively within the media. Some sturdy contributing elements are the medieval western battle, the crusades, the oil disaster of the 1970’s, the Lebanese civil struggle, the Iranian revolution, the Gulf struggle, and the explosive Israeli-Palestinian battle, the September 11 bombings, the Bali Bloodbath and the London bombings. All these occasions have brought on Islam to be persistently related to violence and unresolved battle. Moreover, the view of Muslims as being violent usually explains why Muslims are seen to ascertain a risk to the West. One of the vital efficient methods the media makes an attempt to in some way stop Islam being seen in a constructive body is to develop propaganda towards Muslims and Islam.

The media is ready to use the Hijab as a method of exploiting Muslim girls, and degrading them. The media assumes, in some circumstances, that the actions of 1 Muslim are representations of the final Muslim inhabitants. That is generalisation. This units a instance for members of society to abuse and degrade them.

A picture of a Muslim lady sporting the chador was labelled as “like demise out for a stroll” within the Australian Journal, 25-26 Jan. 1995 problem. The media implied to find the place of ladies in Islamic society as dominated. The picture additionally portrayed the distinction between Muslim and Western Girls in at present’s society.

In present affair applications, individuals watching are bombarded with photos of Muslims as savage terrorists, killing harmless individuals with no regret. What outcomes from that is the viewers of those applications, recognise and settle for solely the labels, and due to this fact with Islam instantly associating it with unfavorable photos.

I requested a resident from Parramatta, who wished to be saved nameless if “the September 11th bombings altered their thoughts about Islam and Muslim girls?” He stated “I by no means knew Islam and the Qur’an preached terrorism. It has made me conscious of Islam and the teachings. It elevated my consciousness of the complexities of Islam and politics within the Center East together with the veiling of Muslim girls”. This reply exhibits how influential the media is in direction of its viewers.

All through the western society, the observe of Muslim girls sporting the Hijab has resulted in excessive factors of view in direction of their so-called “oppression” and lack of freedom. Regardless of the plain portrayal of Muslim girls and myths that encompass it similar to; “Muslim girls are oppressed”, there continues to be an abundance of Western girls reverting to Islam. What Islam makes use of to guard girls is the Hijab. That is ironic as a result of the Western media usually painting the Muslim veil as a suppressive power in a lady’s life.

Each Muslim lady is required to put on a shawl or some type of head masking and loose-fitting, modest apparel. This isn’t a method of controlling a lady’s sexuality or suppressing her however quite, a method for defense. It implies by dressing this fashion she won’t be seen as a mere intercourse image however might be appreciated for her mind. Moreover, it won’t topic her to harassment. It’s attention-grabbing to state the pinnacle masking for ladies just isn’t an Islamic innovation however was additionally practiced by Judeo-Christian girls centuries earlier, and but is laughed at by the West at present.

Naima Omar, a pupil of College of Western Sydney says “It’s humorous to say the identical veil worn by catholic nuns for God is despised and offered as an emblem of subjection and domination when it’s worn by Muslim girls for the intention to guard themselves and devoting themself to God”.

The time period Islam means “submission to the need of Allah” and “peace”. Muslims imagine Islam just isn’t a faith however a present that has been awarded to them. They imagine Islam is the lifestyle and that’s harmonious nonetheless the media portrays the other.

Maria Moskovakis, 18, a Greek Orthodox says “sure in fact Muslims are offered negatively within the information. An motion by one Muslim is offered with a lot bias. If one Muslim commits a criminal offense, it isn’t the individual however the faith offered that goes to trial. What we hear and see is all managed.

As El-Gharib (1996-97) famous, tv, books, newspapers, and magazines are used to current Islam as being a backward and barbaric faith. It has been seen as oppressive and unjust; and greater than this, it’s seen as being most oppressive to girls. These numerous types of media misrepresent Islam in several methods, nonetheless largely obtain the identical unfavorable consequence – the creation of a rising barrier of bewilderment and hostility between Islam and it is followers, and the West.

Muslims have an obligation to fulfil which is to coach themselves, their youngsters to realize information which is ordained upon them no matter their race, gender and marital standing and so on.
A Hasan Hadith narrated by Ibn Majah within the Qur’an states:
“Searching for information is an obligation on each Muslim” and due to this fact gaining information is considered an act of worship. Stopping any Muslim from gaining an training no matter age and intercourse just isn’t Islamic.

Dr Homer of Sweden was requested by the United Nations in 1975 to check the standing of Girls within the Arab nations and stated: “It’s the Swedish lady who ought to demand her freedom, as the ladies within the Arab nations has already reached the height of her freedom underneath Islam.” From “Standing Of Girls In Islam” web page 23.

The Media’s Portrayal of Islam and the Hijab